My Scoliosis Journey

I make jokes when I’m nervous.

I make jokes when I’m nervous. That’s the only way I can explain how the concept of Curved Creations began. One night, as I was mentally preparing myself for my upcoming fourth (!) spinal operation... I began to channel my nervous energy into creativity. I love to craft, and decided that I would design some t-shirts that my family could wear to the hospital the day of my surgery. Kind of like a really weird family reunion or something. Initially, I made myself a tank top that said “I’m twisted” on it. Then “My daughter is twisted” and “My niece is twisted”, etc...but it felt like I was the only one in on the joke! So I started looking on Facebook for scoliosis support groups. Maybe there would be someone out there with an appreciation for my (twisted?) sense of humor. I figured that if laughter truly is the best medicine, this surely was a good place to start! The initial response was so positive, I thought maybe I could make these for other people too! All I know, is that I’m not afraid to laugh at my own jokes, and if someone else out there gets a kick out of my story, then I’m happy! I hope you enjoy looking at all of my “Curved Creations”. If you would like something custom made, just let me know!